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Fertilizer Production Equipment & Plant Manufacturer - Christof Group

High Pressure Stripper - Christof Group
Additional Information:
Type of plant: Urea Plant
Standard: AD 2000 Merkblätter
Materials used: All wetted parts (tubes, overlay welding, lining and internals) of Safurex®. High pressure channel multilayer made of high strength carbon steel 1.8935 (Naxtra 70) with carbon steel 1.0565 (P355NH) as core shell; Other pressure bearing parts are made of solid carbon steel material
Techniques/Licensor: Stamicarbon bv, The Netherlands
Dimensions: ø 3,750 x 14,300 mm
Weight: 227,000 kg
Special Features:
5,100 heat exchanger tubes; Multilayer design for high pressure channels; Leak detection system for lined parts
Alternatives/other specification:
Can be designed and manufactured according to all relevant pressure vessel codes and standards (e.g. ASME VIII DIV 1 or 2, AD 2000). Upon client request, the high pressure channel can be also built in monowall design and all pressure bearing parts (tubesheets etc.) can be made of repair-friendly P1 carbon steel material.
Carbon Steel
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