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Critical Process Equipment Solutions - Christof Group

World-Leading Critical Process Equipment

Christof Group spearheads the world market in the construction of critical process equipment. It sets the pace with high-quality solutions in the fertilizer, polymer, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries.
Chemical Industry
Whether roll-cladded or weld-cladded columns with various designs and internals, heat exchangers for all kinds of applications or reactors for highly corrosive mediums, equipment manufactured by Christof Group is often the first choice for production plant companies active in the chemical industry.
Energy Industry
High-pressure piping fabricated by Christof Group is appreciated in power-generating plants all over the world. High temperature-resistant steels (P91, P92) are used for the heavy-walled piping. Special fittings made of forgings are included.
Fertilizer Industry
Christof Group is world-renowned for high-quality pressure equipment required for fertilizer production, the urea and ammonia synthesis processes as well as for its extensive knowledge and use of cutting-edge materials, such as Safurex®, Safurex® Star, and Safurex® Degree. Similarly, clients worldwide rely on Christof Group’s top-quality equipment for high-concentrated nitric acid and critical melamine equipment.
Oil & Gas Industry
Fabricating critical process equipment for the oil and gas industry requires knowledge, skills and experience. Christof Group manufactures first-class components for the FCC process as well as equipment such as columns, heat exchangers, air coolers and other pressure equipment for refineries, complete with internals, attachments, calculations and installations.
Pharmaceutical Industry
For its clean rooms, the pharmaceutical industry relies on specific equipment, such as pressure vessels manufactured by Christof Group. The stainless steels and alloys used meet the stringent material, surface and quality standards of hygienic medicine production. Mechanical and electrochemical polishing provides the required surface quality
Polymer Industry
Christof Group is world-renowned for reliable critical process equipment needed in polymer plants. Whether special reactors, equipment with static and dynamic internals for all temperatures and pressure levels, special valves and high-pressure piping, superior manufacturing experience, high-grade steels and high-class alloys as well as cutting-edge surface treatments ensure high resistance and safe results.
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