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Sustainability - Christof Group

More quality. More safety.
More protection.

Our clients deal with critical media and high pressure. We meet them at eye level with decades of technological expertise and an intimate knowledge of their industrial processes. This makes us a partner of choice for the high-end durable equipment they need. We use highly resistant materials and employ precision workmanship to guarantee reliable, safe and eco-friendly equipment solutions. Solutions that meet and exceed the highest international quality standards where it matters most in our clients’ plants.

At Christof Group, we are proud of our uncompromising commitment to quality. It is an integral aspect of our business policy and a pillar of success – in our manufacturing process and the way we carry out our services. It helps prevent safety incidents, leakages and environmental pollution. It limits downtimes and helps our clients optimize process efficiency, lower the environmental footprint and extend the lifespan of their plants. It helps us gain and maintain the trust of our clients and business partners.
“We aim to install new and smart solutions at the heart of tomorrow’s industrial plants. To achieve this, we will hone our quality and focus on new technologies and more special materials. After all, our critical process equipment helps step up safety and environmental protection in production plants all over the world.”
Stefan Christof, CEO

Fair to each other.
Fair to the environment.
Fair Play.

Quality and reliability, honesty and respect, transparency and trust. We are a family-run business and appreciated all over the world for our consistent values. They have shaped our business since the very beginning and are embodied today by CEO Stefan Christof.
Fair to each other
We treat each other, our suppliers, partners and customers with respect, equally and fairly. Long-term relationships are our goal. We are a global player. That is why we adhere to the highest standards regarding business ethics, competition law, conflicts of interest, gifts, hospitality invitations or corruption.

In our Code of Conduct, we are guided by the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Global Compact and the UNO Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Universal Declaration of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
Fair to the environment
Responsibility for the environment has been an equally important guiding principle for decades. We strive to employ best practices. Our resources are precious. We use them sparingly and efficiently, especially our consumption of fresh water and energy. To reduce our ecological footprint, we not only optimize our technical production processes, reuse and recycle metal and material waste, we also operate a fleet of e-cars.
Fair Play
Many of our employees carry our specialized tasks in an industrial setting and on-site in foreign countries. By training them regularly in industrial safety and accident prevention and the identification of potential hazards, we strive to create a safe and healthy workplace for them, even beyond Christof Group’s premises.

Our compliance with international standards, country-specific provisions and legislation as well the development of our own Group-wide integrated environmental management system will help us create sustainable win-win outcomes – for the people we engage with, the environment and for us.


Every product that we manufacture complies with stringent quality requirements, relevant national legislation and leading international standards. Christof Group’s worldwide certificates bear testimony to our technology and quality leadership.
Management System ISO 9001:2015
Safety Certificate Contractors SCC**:2011
Quality requirements for welding acc. to ISO 3834-2
Components for steel structures acc. to EN 1090-2
China Manufacture License - Pressure Vessels A1/A2
Pressure Equipment Directive PED 14/68/EU
AD2000 - Merkblatt HP0
Pressure Equipment Act (BGBI. Nr. 161/2015) § 51 (3)
ASME U-Stamp
ASME U2-Stamp
ASME S-Stamp
National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors R-Stamp
HP0, TRD 201 (German welding license)
Korea certificate
Federal Water Act WHG) §19 (Germany)
EAC Declarations and Certificates according to TR CU norms
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