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With ACE as a world market leader, Christof Group spearheads the supply and installation of tailormade solutions and reliably engineered critical process equipment needed at the heart of polymer plants. An extensive track record of innovative solutions delivered for the oil and gas sector and the pharmaceutical industry has made ACE a global leader.

Key Highlights

FCC Component Engineering - Christof Group
Best-in-class for polymer
With its 100-year experience in manufacturing, ACE delivers all kinds of special reactors to the polymer industry.

ACE produces equipment with static and dynamic internals for all temperatures and pressure levels. Reactor shells made of roll-cladded material combine the corrosion resistant stainless-steel with the stability of carbon steel. High-class alloys and special surface treatments make every equipment made by ACE highly resistant to critical media.

When it comes to small pilot plants, ACE employs its full skills set to meet customers’ special requests.
FCC Components - Christof Group
Makes cracking more valuable
ACE is Christof Group’s specialist for engineering and fabricating critical process equipment for the oil and gas sector. Columns, heat exchangers, air coolers and other pressure equipment for refineries come with the required internals, attachments, calculations and installations.

ACE engineers and fabricates first-class components needed in refineries’ FCC plants – from single components to the full spectrum of parts, from reactors with internals to waste heat boilers and more.
Hygienically clean
ACE is a reliable manufacturing partner for pressure vessels required by the pharmaceutical industry in clean rooms. Vessels made of special stainless steels and alloys meet the stringent material, surface and quality standards of hygienic medicine production. Mechanical and electrochemical polishing ensures the most optimal surface quality.


Equipment Modernization
As a member of Heat Transfer Research, Inc., the world’s leading provider of heat transfer and heat exchange technology, ACE helps innovate energy-efficient solutions for heat exchangers used by the chemical, refinery and fertilizer industries. Whether new specifications or novel solution to an existing problem, ACE’s hands-on expertise and design knowledge ensures that new and optimized designs work – in theory and in practice.
ACE is known for precision workmanship when it comes to processing high-alloyed steels and special materials – titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, 1.4466 or special alloys (59, 600, 800, etc.). Equally perfect results are achieved in the production of vessels made of cladded steels. ACE uses roll cladded and explosion cladded steel from trusted partners and reliable suppliers. Where required, ACE’s specialized welders perform weld overlays of vessels and parts inhouse.
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Total equipment delivered:
More than 3,000
Total countries supplied:
More than 50
Shortest delivery time:
1 week
for retubing a Heat Exchanger
Longest/Heaviest equipment constructed:
Polymer Reactors:
ø 5,100 mm; length: 32,500 mm; weight: 205 tons;
Longest/Heaviest equipment constructed:
ø 4,900 x 54,000 mm; weight: 190 tons;
Longest/Heaviest equipment constructed:
Heat Exchangers:
ø 3,250 mm, length: 23,000 mm; weight: 195 tons;
Size of production
44,480 m²
Annual production hours:
160,000 h

Special materials handled:

378 tons of alloyed steels 59, 600 and 800 in the last 10 years
In total 34,000 tons material in the last 10 years
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