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Techniques for the right treatment

As world leading specialist, Christof Group spearheads the manufacture of critical process equipment and customized solutions with five high-end production facilities. With decades of expertise, an intimate knowledge of process technologies, special metals and materials we are known to be passionate about giving our equipment the right treatment.
Explosion & Roll Cladding
ACE is known for precision workmanship when it comes to processing high-alloyed steels and special materials – titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, 1.4466 or special alloys (59, 600, 800, etc.). Equally perfect results are achieved in the production of vessels made of cladded steels. ACE uses roll cladded and explosion cladded steel from trusted partners and reliable suppliers. Where required, ACE’s specialized welders perform weld overlays of vessels and parts inhouse.
Strip Cladding & Overlays
Less wear and tear and a longer life for equipment. APB has specialized in weld overlays and strip cladding of pressure parts made of nickel-based alloys as well as hardfacing of parts that are subject to wear and tear.
Digital X-Ray Testing
In 2019, SBN introduced the novel digital x-ray method to test welding seams and further boost its top-quality production and project documentation. It’s quick and accurate. It saves time and money. Once digital test images are uploaded into the iCloud and SBN has granted access rights, clients can view the digital images at their leisure from anywhere in the world.
Equipment Modernization
As a member of Heat Transfer Research, Inc., the world’s leading provider of heat transfer and heat exchange technology, ACE helps innovate energy-efficient solutions for heat exchangers used by the chemical, refinery and fertilizer industries. Whether new specifications or novel solution to an existing problem, ACE’s hands-on expertise and design knowledge ensures that new and optimized designs work – in theory and in practice.
Equipment Optimization
Innovative and efficient state-of-the-art technologies are incorporated in the high-pressure equipment SBN designs and manufactures for the fertilizer and petrochemical industries. Well-established, close working relationships with technical universities, process licensors, consultants and material producers make this possible. Together with the latest design and calculation methods, including finite element analysis and a special design data management system, SBN sets the pace in this sector
Inner Bore Welding
No gaps, no leakages. Products from SBN are known to be resistant in even the most corrosive environments. Inner bore welding makes it possible. It ensures a gap-free connection between tube and tubesheet.
Multi-Layer Designs
High pressures, large dimensions, yet light in weight and on the pocket. Multilayer designs from SBN are often the preferred choice. To ensure even more safety, strength and stability, SBN welds thin layers of different materials to fabricate a pressure vessel shell with unique properties.
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