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Critical Spare Parts - Christof Group

High-quality services for high-quality equipment

From detail engineering and apparatus construction to complex on-site assemblies and challenging in-situ repairs, our operational teams act in sync to provide a full range of high-quality industrial services. They use the latest technologies and employ cutting-edge techniques to guarantee our clients utmost reliability and a punctual delivery.
Mechanical, thermal and detail engineering, design calculations and 3D modelling, using state-of-the-art software
On-site inspections to assess the remaining lifetime of the main equipment and limit downtimes
Revamps to modernize, adapt or modify equipment to boost efficiency and productivity levels or lower the environmental footprint in line with applicable rules and regulations
Supervision of installations
Supervision of on-site installations of critical and high-pressure equipment
Maintenance services during shutdowns, ensuring smooth and optimized plant operations
Relining to ensure the required corrosion protection
State-of-the-art repairs, employing unique approaches to repair the unrepairable
Mechanical processing
Mechanical processing of parts, components and equipment
Spare parts
Production of customized spare parts in our own workshops
Logistics, including worldwide transport planning to ensure a quick and cost-optimized delivery
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