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SBN Picture 2_We repair the unrepairable_Support plate for deformed weld overlay

We repair the “unrepairable”

The situation was critical, the solution creative. In 2016, the unique repair of a pool condenser tubesheet, severely damaged by flow-accelerated corrosion, not only averted the threat of a significant loss of production in a urea plant, it also set new standards for mastering such highly delicate repairs.

In tandem with Stamicarbon, SBN devised a unique game plan to temporarily restore full operation to the client’s plant in China, while kicking off the manufacture of a new pool condenser, complete with design improvements.


Its delivery time ex-works: 12 months.

Normal delivery time: 18 months.


The repair challenge: minimize the risk for failure, operate the repaired pool condenser with a proper condensate monitoring program and conductivity measurements, restore the strength of the tubesheet according to AD-2000 regulations, and complete the repair in 4 months.


Excellent teamwork between SBN, Stamicarbon and the client, unmatched manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art design knowledge, precision workmanship, and reliable partners made the seemingly impossible possible. All repair works and the delivery of the new pool condenser were successfully concluded within 12 months.

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