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Pool Reactor
Additional Information:
Type of plant: Urea Plant
Standard: ASME VIII Div. 2, ASME U2 STAMP
Materials used: All wetted parts (U-tubes, overlay welding, lining and internals) of Safurex®; High pressure channel multilayer made of high strength carbon steel SA 517 Gr. B with carbon steel SA 738 Gr. B as core shell; Other pressure bearing parts are made of solid carbon steel material
Techniques/Licensor: Stamicarbon bv, The Netherlands
Dimensions: ø 3,200 x 28,600 mm
Weight: 270,000 kg
Special Features:
695 heat exchanger U-tubes; Multilayer design for high pressure channel; Leak detection system for lined parts
Alternatives/other specification:
Can be designed and manufactured according to all relevant pressure vessel codes and standards (e.g. AD 2000, EN 13445). Upon client request, the high pressure channel can be also built in monowall design and all pressure bearing parts (tubesheets etc.) can be made of repair- friendly P1 carbon steel material.
Carbon Steel
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