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Chemical Industry Equipment Manufacturer - Christof Group

Additional Information:
Type of plant: MDI Plant
Standard: EN 13445
Materials used: 1.0565+1.4404 (cladded); 1.0565+2.4068 (cladded); 1.0565+1.4539 (cladded); 1.4539
Techniques/Licensor: Borsod Chem
Dimensions: ΓΈ 3,150 x 9,000 mm
Weight: 71,000 kg
Special Features:
3713 seamless tubes (1.4539); explosion cladded parts; parts with weld overlay cladding
Alternatives/other specification:
Vessel can also be fabricated in other dimensions, materials and according to other standards like ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1
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